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Employee Recruitment Algorithm For Talent Finding

What is InstaMatch?

InstaMatch is a highly intelligent talent acquisition algorithm that will shorten your hiring cycle. InstaMatch is a cognitive employee hiring solution that recommends the best fit candidates for your available job position.


Why you need InstaMatch?

The recruiting landscape has fundamentally changed in the past several years. With shrinking budgets and high competition for talent is becoming a typical dilemma among recruiters. InstaMatch directly addresses recruitment problems by finding best-fit employees instantly.


How InstaMatch works?

The Process:
You upload your job description
InstaMatch extracts and evaluates relevant candidate data using our cognitive technology Best fit talent profiles are picked, prioritized and recommended to you by InstaMatch

How InstaMatch Works? ‎
InstaMatch is the only employee recruitment algorithm that leverages big data analytics and cognitive computing to find employees. InstaMatch has transformed the excruciating talent discovery process into quick two step procedure. Once you submit your job description, our intelligent talent hunting algorithm uses cognitive computing, big data analytics, taxonomies to recommend top best-fit candidates. All you have to do is submit your job description, and choose perfect employee for your company. Post your job today, and unleash the power of InstaMatch to help you find the most relevant candidates!


InstaMatch finds and analyzes resumes that fit to your job description to make employee recruitment more effective and efficient


InstaMatch only finds a selected number of high-quality resumes from Mihnati\'s extensive database of quality candidates, so employers can reduce the cost spent reviewing hundreds of resumes


InstaMatch uses taxonomies to overcome the limitation of keywords to recommend you the best candidates. Taxonomies allow InstaMatch to find candidates on other words relevant to the keyword.